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[polyout]polyout 0.12.8

Create beamer presentation and article versions of a single source file

[polyoutboxes]polyoutboxes 0.2.2

Change polyout boxes appearance in presentation and article modes. Based on imageboxes

[imageboxes]imageboxes 0.2.4

Display boxes with optional images instead of standard environments (definition, etc.). Includes french support

[gnulicenses]gnulicenses 1.1.0

Add english or french GNU licenses content to your documents

[french]french 1.0.5

Initialise french LaTeX based on [french]{babel}

[reference]reference 1.2.0

Change default table and figure references (TAB. and FIG.) in english or french languages

[subfig]subfig 1.0.2

Change subfigures numbering

[algo]algo 0.2.4

Get all-in-one necessary packages and extra commands to write algorithms in english or french languages

[century]century 0.1.0

Simplify writing centuries in english or french languages

[smartletter]smartletter 0.0.2

Write letters the smart way

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polyout 0.12.8

reference 0.2.0

french 1.0.5

smartletter 0.0.2